10 Things that are better than a boyfriend


1. Friends

Friends are the remedy for heart disease, spend time with them, forget about boys, there is nothing better than being among girls.

2. Go Shopping

It seems false or banal, but the purchases relieve our sorrows.

3. Nutella

The relationship I have with nutella is of love and eternal devotion, a boy can never take his place.


4. Pets

If you have pets you will know the love they offer you daily without asking anything in return.

5. Loneliness

Being alone is a delight, do not be afraid of it, that way you will know yourself better, you are better your company.

6. Friends with rights to touch …

If you do not want a serious relationship, a friend with the right to touch is the option, you will have fun and without compromise.


7. Exercise

Do a little exercise, there is nothing better to feel good about yourself.

8. Change of Look

A change of look will renew you inside and out, try it.

9. Travel

Organize a trip with friends or you alone, you will see that the world opens before you.

10. Family

Never forget your family, enjoy it, they will be there for you always.


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