10 things that each girl asks herself when she has to decide whether to wash her hair or not.


I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice and now I’ll say one more: I hate to shower. The shower is my personal hell and, unfortunately, I have to get in touch with it daily. Actually it is not the shower itself the problem, but the consequences of it, which include the process of drying and combing the hair afterwards.

The only body showers are obviously the best friend of the girls, but as every woman knows, they leave your hair feeling dry and lifeless. Showering is a nuisance, and it never seems to be taken at a convenient time.

Every time the dreaded shower becomes a necessity, we get a lot of ridiculous questions that make up our shower program.

1. Is it really greasy or can I get away with mine one more day?

This is probably the number 1 question that every girl asks herself when contemplating washing her hair. No woman enjoys combing her hair and if she says otherwise she is either a liar or pays someone else to do it for her. We want to take advantage of our washed hair and make it last days and days and days.

2. When was the last time I washed it?

We usually ask this to have fun. We really do not care how much has happened since the last time we washed it, as long as it’s not greasy. Sometimes we like to compete with our friends and see how much time we can spend without washing our hair.

You know that you really did it when your Friday night laundry arrives successfully at the office on Monday morning.

3. Should I wash it or put on a hat?

Is this really a question? If you feel lazy and do not feel like washing your hair, a hat is always an option . I mean, is not this the reason for the invention of the hats? Help lazy women with their hair struggles?

4. I sweated today?

If you did not sweat, do you really need to wash your hair? Absolutely not! I mean, would not you fix something that is not broken, right? Exact…

5. Will I sweat tomorrow?

If you are questioning yourself about washing your hair, you clearly have to take into consideration the activities of the next day. If you know that you are going to do heavy physical activity, then it makes sense to wait until after that to wash your hair. Some may call this justification, others choose to call it planning in advance.

6. Is it going to rain?

7. Am I going to see someone I know later?

Who cares if you’re having a good day of hair if there’s no one there to see it? If you do not intend to see anyone and plan to spend all your day in your room, why would you feel the need to wash it? I mean, no girl washes her hair for herself.

8. Should I just wash it in the morning?

This is a line we like to tell ourselves while we are lying in our beds after a long day at work. We are convinced that after watching another episode on Netflix we will finally crawl into the shower .

Well, four episodes later, we’re still trying to convince ourselves to take a shower, which only results in the inevitable question: should I just do it in the morning?

9. Is a ponytail acceptable?

The ponytails are a last resort when it comes to avoid washing the hair because nobody likes that stretch hair look that only results in lumps of fat.

10. Is it worth using the last of my balm in this hair wash?

Ugh, that horrible moment when you realize that you only have enough balm left for a wash. You know you need that valuable cream for the weekend, so you try to postpone the hair wash as much as possible.

Of course, you could go to the nearest store, but it’s always too late when you realize this.


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