20 Signs that you are not made to have children


  • You are afraid to catch babies in case they fall.
  • When you finally agree to take one in your arms, your position is so forced that you can end up with a contracture …
  • … and above the child always starts to cry.
  • You never know what tone you should speak to children.
  • You do not know how to make those stupid sounds that apparently babies like.
  • When you see others make the stupid sounds that apparently babies like, you feel embarrassed.
  • At family gatherings, your little cousins ​​get on your nerves.
  • When the typical funny child tries to interact with you in the subway, you turn your face because it makes you panic to have to return the gesture or make a funny face in public.
  • The smell of vomit still seems unpleasant.
  • You have never considered choosing your partner according to the potential that you see him as a father.
  • You are completely focused on your professional career and it does not fit into your plans for someone to distract you from it. Your work is the most rewarding and you know that your dedication will be rewarded. Your future comes first.
  • Your plants die.
  • When you plan to block one of your best friends on Facebook because all she does is hang photos of her newborn.
  • You know how expensive diapers are. AND YES, you care.
  • You have no idea if Disney Channel is tuned to your TV.
  • You never wanted to babysit your neighbor’s children.
  • When a friend announces that she is pregnant and the first thing that escapes you is a “uf, really?”
  • Children’s songs give you a bad feeling.
  • You have no idea when a baby should start walking.
  • Until they reach adolescence, it’s hard for you to guess the age of the children. 4? 5? 8? Everyone seems the same.



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