5 tricks to know when someone lies to you.


According to Noah Zandan, social interaction daily prescribes a dose of between 10 and 200 lies (a dynamic in which we all participate, either “giving” or “receiving” lies). And according to this researcher, in these subjects, one of the best available resources for the detection of lies consists in a technique called “linguistic analysis of text”, which bets for detecting subconscious patterns in the language that is used to lie:

These are some of the main signs that indicate when someone is lying to you:

  1. Many people look away, do not look into your eyes and if you look down is a sign that you are inventing.
  2. They rub their hands or constantly change their position.
  3. People who are lying to you will always avoid eye contact.
  4. Answer a question with another question, to gain time to gather information to give you the answer you want to hear, or you are gaining time to create a convincing lie.
  5. Breathe deeply and turn around.

If the person you are speaking with uses any of these points, you can be pretty sure that he is lying to you.


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