6 attributes that most excite men of women. Although they do not know it


Several studies have highlighted aspects that, foreseeable or not, are fundamental in the sexual attraction that men feel.
From this goes the following list, there are 6 answers to the question: What attracts men of women ?
Or said with the coldness of Darwinism: What female has all the numbers to pass their genes to the next generation?

1. Wide hips

If they asked men what attracts them to women, maybe many would answer that their hips. But what they may not know is that their brain is indicating to them that there is a good receptacle for their offspring. That is to say, here your genes are more likely to succeed .
More specifically, what makes hips attractive to men is the distance that separates them from the waist.

2. A high tone of voice

What does a high tone of voice remind us of? To the babbling of a creature, to the weakness of old age? Of course not. A high tone of voice is synonymous with youth and fullness. Perhaps most surprising is that it also usually indicates a smaller body.

3. Long healthy hair

The publicity and the cinema have left us the image of long hair that insinuate themselves or are excited with impudence. They were right. It seems that, as expected, healthy hair attracts attention. And the more there is, the better.

4. Smile and wide teeth

Smiling is something that can be provoked, but we must not forget that human beings are experts in detecting faces and their gestures, so false smiles do not add points. The wide teeth would indicate, again, better health.

5. Little makeup

A study by the University of Bangor (Wales) concludes that, faced with the same face, both men and women find women with little makeup more attractive. The surprise is that when they asked the same people how they thought those faces would be perceived to others, they chose faces with 40% more makeup.

6. The red color

Excites the primates and the human being inherited it. Among humans, both men and women are attracted to red , but it seems that in the male libido this color acts more strongly. There are studies that show that men, under the same circumstances, tend to sit near women dressed in red and talk to them about more intimate subjects, a sign that scientists associate with libido .


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