Do you consider yourself handsome or beautiful? The simplest test to know if you are in only 3 seconds.


How can I know if I am attractive or handsome? With this simple finger technique you will be able to know it.

According to a recent study, you have to put your index finger touching your chin and your nose at the same time. You are attractive if the middle part of the finger touches your lips, otherwise, if these are separated from the finger we have bad news …

This proof comes from the “Beauty and ugliness identification method” that became fashionable in China recently where even artists began to try it. Actually it is only a factor that measures the symmetry of the body, because supposedly it is closely linked to how attractive a person is, but obviously does not take into account other important factors such as smile, eyes, character, energy, etc.

By the way, if the test does not go as expected but you have a lot of money, according to several studies, you’re still very good.


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