Making a bed is dirtier than leaving it unmade!


Recently the University of Kingston in the United Kingdom has conducted a study that says that making a bed every day is actually less clean than leaving it unmade.

According to Stephen Pretlove, there are approximately 1.5 million mites in your bed. If you make the bed when you get up, your own heat that still resides inside the bed makes these bugs cuddle and reproduce more easily .

Therefore, according to this study, making the bed in the mornings not only prevents these mites from dying, but also favors the reproduction of them. As we already know, the presence of mites can cause many problems for asthmatics and even generate insomnia in some people.

To avoid this the Dr- Pretlove, recommends something very simple:
Leaving the bed undone during the day helps to remove moisture and heat from the mattress, sheets, blankets, etc., which in turn causes the mites to become dehydrated and die .”

So you know, if you’re one of those who do not like to make the bed … YOU ALREADY HAVE THE PERFECT EXCUSE . Share it with your friends or with those people who always tell you to make the bed.


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