Things that only people who have or have had a dog will understand


All people who have or have a dog, can perfectly understand the images that you will see below.

1. They do not care about the time or the place, any place is good to take a nap, it does not matter if you are eating or quietly watching TV.


2. Small dogs do not really realize how small they are and think they need all the space for them.


3. They sleep in any way, they do not have back problems or have torticollis.

4. Have you noticed? Most of the photos when taking a photo are very photogenic.


5. Almost everyone likes to be a king. Even if you take it as if it were Simba from The Lion King.

6. When you find out that you are leaving home, they always put on this sad face, as if you were never going to come back.

7. Sometimes when he does it, he knows exactly what he has done wrong …

8. Almost all are willing to disguise themselves.

9. No matter what you are doing, they will always be waiting for you.

10. When a dog has a habit it is very difficult to change it, no matter how long it takes.

11. They have a sixth sense that tells them when it’s bath time or when you are going to take them to the vet.

12. The faces they put when someone is eating is as if they had not eaten for a week … Their appetite or rather their desire to eat has no end …

13. The first thing that many people see when they open their eyes as soon as they wake up is their dog looking at them.

14. Any position is good to take a nap.


15. His face changes completely when he sees you arrive after work. Always receives you with the best of their smiles.

16. It does not matter what you have spent in your new bed … At the end you will sleep wherever you want.


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