This man drank 10 cans a day for a month. This is the result!


If you have seen the documentary “Super Size Me” where its protagonist Morgan Spurlock eats exclusively Mcdonalds products for one month, this experiment will undoubtedly draw your attention.

George Prior, a 50-year-old US citizen, set out to do something similar by drinking 10 cans a day of Coca Cola for 30 days to see the effects of the sugar contained in the soft drinks on his own body. It must be said that George, before starting the experiment, had an enviable physical condition and a body molded in a gym.

The intention of this experiment is none other than a wake-up call to people who include such drinks in their diet.


Geroge said during the experiment “I’m trying to get people to evaluate the amount of sugar they eat in their diet. Everyone has to know the real and unhealthy effects of sugar on the body. “


In only 30 days it increased its weight by more than 10Kg. This picture says it all, your body before you start the experiment and after you have done it.


As if that were not enough, apart from the belly and the amount of fat he accumulated, George also developed an addiction to sugary drinks and something worse: hypertension, a disease that increases the risk of heart attack and can damage the kidneys. Blood pressure rose from 129/77 to 145/96.


Once finished his experiment, Prior stopped consuming soda, in just four days he lost 5kg and said he would never do something like that again.
He added: “Drinking this type of soda makes you go to the bathroom a lot and it makes you feel constantly full, it is an unpleasant sensation, children should not consume them.


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